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©Lou Freeman, Niki Taylor Portraits

Niki Taylor Model
Makeup Stephen Moleski
Hair Samantha Gunn
Styling Joe Stuckey
©Lou Freeman Photographer, Director, Educator.
Conceptual Fashion Photography,
Ranging for Evening wear to casual wear.
Features images from Fashion Editorials, fashion catalogs, cosmetic and hair ad campaigns, as well as department store campaigns.
Working on photography with a wide range of clients in North America and Europe.
Niki Taylor Model
Stephen Moleski Makeup
Samantha Gunn Hair
Joe Stuckey Styling
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“Commercial and Iconic Head shots”
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“Lighting for Boudoir and Glamour”
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“Modern women’s portraiture”
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“Modern Glamour Lighting”
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“Creative Speed Lighting for Fashion, Glamour and Beauty”
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"Fashion and Glamour Posing by LOU Freeman Reclining"

"Fashion and Glamour Posing by LOU Freeman Sitting",

*Fashion and Glamour Posing by LOU Freeman ­ Standing"

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©Lou Freeman, Niki Taylor Portraits