“Revolution-New Vision Conceptual Photo & Photo Encaustic Workshop Blue Ridge”

With Photographer Lou Freeman

DATES: Nov.2,3,4,5,6, 2020.



Studio 1924

1924 GA. HWY. 515 South

Blue Ridge, GA. 30513


Buy This Class Here   -Includes Supply Fee for 8 boards.

*Embarking of full change and growth for you and your artistry.

In this hands on combo workshop, mentees will embark on the process of "Making Visually Stimulating Pictures followed by creating “One Of A Kind Works of PHOTOGRAPHIC ART”.

We will begin by developing a menagerie  of unique ideas for creating a developed eye. We will satiate the craving for the understanding of: Photographic Concepts, Subject and Crew direction, Creative Lighting, Set Design, Set and Subject Styling, plus studio in depth posing/direction techniques and tips. This process will be topped off with a 2 day tasty dip in the Photographic Encaustic Process.

In the Conceptual Concept creation  process, mentees will develop and refine or intensify their own personal style as a photographic artist. Each day mentees will be emerged in the creative process of solving photographic assignments live while executing and implementing style and posing of their subjects. The information provided in the workshop experience will be presented in a fully developed and easy to understand method. Lou Freeman will be live on set at all times and she will be working with mentees individual at many times during the workshop. To garner the best results from your involvement with this class, it is important that you know a full understanding of your camera, your lens, understand F stop and shutter speed, have used and embrace and utilized Adobe Lightroom and or Photoshop, have some retouching skills as well as have worked with SD and CF cards, card readers and have a clear understanding of various file types.



If you are ready to make creative departure from Classic Portrait Photography or Create Photographic Art that is truly unique and one of a kind, this Program on Combing Creative Conceptual Portraiture with Photo Encaustic Process is for you!  “

After being consumed with a constant craving to embark on an artistic process that would expand my work as a photographer, I began a lengthy searching process for growth.  It seemed I was consumed with bridging a path to differentiate myself from my colleagues. I began a long path of experimentation. After studying and testing the process of Photo Encaustic for several years I realized I could  sell many new work clients as stand alone works of art with true impact! My vision and my clients interpretation was very unique, which created a more prestigious perspective and interpretation of my photographic multimedia creation. I then realized that many others may also have a similar desire to create these awesome works.”     Lou Freeman

The Photo Encaustic Process is fun, creative and very enjoyable while offering a new and more “Visceral Quality” to photographic prints. Photo Encaustic is a process by where Photo Print is transferred and fused to a wood or matt board substrate then combined with hot beeswax, resin, pigments in order to create a multi layered look of texture and color. 

The Encaustic Process itself can  also be combined with non organic collaging techniques to bring a three dimensional for your prints and combined artwork. You may add anything from fabric, twin, magazine cut outs, photographic images or  to your own written words on paper or newspaper clipping.  This process creates a one of a kind work creates a one of a kind look for a stand alone work of art which is perfect for portraits, still life, wedding portraits, plus landscapes.  From here the world is yours to create a completely new artistic statement through the collaging process combines with the Photo Encaustic  Process.  You should want to prepare a few ideas ahead for concepts and bring them with you. Think about what you might like to work with in your process.  Research  from your favorite photographic images, and preplan materials to work with in your collage techniques, for photography, you may want to plan for still life images or portraits images then bring the items with you or photograph them in advance. If you would like to photograph a subject or still life here is studio, we will be able to help you with your set and with your processing and print. There is a print  limit of 6 encaustic limit. It is not necessary that you have expert printing skills, as someone will be live on set to assist you. You will also not need to be a top pro to garner the amazing techniques from our program.

Sunday: *Pre Class Meeting: “Finding Purpose of your Light as an Artist.” 1.25 hour.

Day One: Conceptual Portraits: Taking your portraits to a new and creative level with Self Photography Assignments.

  • Overview/General Discussion on Concept of Creating Concepts for the next Level.
  • Beauty and Fashionable Portraits Explained
  • Game Control with your Subject Interview Session
  • Styling, Hair and Make up EDU 
  • Lighting Set Ups and Options for Posing
  • Class Sessions Afternoon Shoots on 3-4 sets.
  • Process and Prepare for presentation Critique

Day Two: Share new Images and Learn How to Develop the Photo Encaustic Process into your style.  For the mini workshop:
Our goal is to introduce, cover the definition of and fully explain as well as demonstrate the working basics of the Photo  Encaustic Process in order to immerse you into new creative options for embellishing photographic prints. You will learn  about working with hot beeswax and resin in order to give you creative options for combining photographic images that are  printed with the best settings for the process. These new methods will be presented from a photographers point of view and applied in an artistic fashion which is unique from classic painting style techniques.  Mentees may work with their own         previously created images created or choose to create photographic portraits of still life in class. There will be a variety of props and subjects to choose from in each area. Each student will select and prepare the images to ready-to-print manner defined for the program. Once the images and collaging materials are chosen and prepared, mentees will begin the process of experimentation of creating true art as they layer the encaustic process onto their image. The layering process  combined with the story telling process of collage can lift the feel of the 2D image of a silent photo to a 3D image that moves to speak to the viewer in an entirely new way that only the artist can create.  Within the first class day mentees will be urged to create a few boards where they learn how the medium reacts to different processes and then get a feel for the color of pigment. The following assignments will add print with the combined collaging choices. Mentee will feel their own  rise within the creative process. Depending of individual speed to accomplish the complete works, most will leave with 5-6 pieces of finished work. You should bring ideas, (inspiring images on USB, 180 DPI, 2400 x 3000), collaging materials, camera, lens, cards, readers, and a sturdy work apron to protect your clothing. Dress Comfortably and ready to have an inspiring experience!

You may use the new images created and some of your own.

 ***Mentees should consider preparing for transport of finished art boards back to their home. Preplan with bringing boxes and bubble wrap along with tape to transport all to their homes or studios.

  • Review the Work: General Discussion of Creating Concepts Created for Portrait and still life images then to print embellish in Photo Encaustic Process.
  • Share: Each person Show the top 8 images created and finished from the Program & Have then ready to share in class. Followed by a short discussion on creative ideas on how to tell your story with collage and color.
  • Lou Freeman will Introduce and Share the Concept and Goals introducing  the Photo Encaustic Process into your workflow. Samples Shown.
  • Students may return to the portrait Session to complete any ideas not completed on day one. The process and printing must be complete by the end of day Two. Processing and Printing must be complete by the end of this day.
  • Learn about the Clean and Orderly Process: Mentees with learn the rules and faults to avoid contamination.
  • Print out 8 select images from Day 1-2 work flow process. Choose & Create small collaging materials from printed material or from your sessions minute details.
  • Experienced Printer and Print materials will be available on set while class is going on for each person to complete the printing process for Mounting. Paper choices for paper to Wax Encaustic is a water color or fine art paper.
  • Mentees will  first begin to practice and experiment with the medium on boards and wax with no photography.
  • Begin Mounting Prints 2 boards. Create 2 boards as practice.
  • Complete and review those boards with Lou.
  • Prepare work space, images and remaining boards for Day 3.
  • Collaging process  elaboration: Consider the Use of Collaging Techniques within your printing  and encaustic process.  


Day Three:  Work for the day with concept of printing, wax and collaging process to reach goal of creating 6-8 Boards. If all 8 boards are achieved then more can be purchased.  Still Life sets will still be available to photograph up until 11:30am. Then broken down.

Day Four:  Share Your Work With and Open Class Critique and Discussion, Create any final add on still life images, 

        Print and complete to Photo Encaustic Boards.

  • Morning- noon: Finish up all Still life shooting and printing, Mounting.
  • Students may continue to work on finishing up all encaustic work until 11:30am.
  • Review the Work in the round: General Discussion of Creating Concepts Created which are intended for use.
  • Share: Each person Show the top 6-8 images created and finished rom the Program & Have then ready to share.
  • Digitally Copy all boards for feature on WebSite.
  • All Boards and Designs should be completed by 2pm on Day 4 in order to ensure complete dryness for packing and transport on DAY 5.
  • Group Wrap up program and breakdown all gear and sets for shipping.
  • Raise You Goals to the Next Level in the round : Marketing, Sales and Website Display IDEAS.


Day Five:      3 Hour Class.

  • Pack, Wrap, Review, Anyone wishing for review of portfolio, may request in advance on Day 1.