I'm in a great dilemma. These stars don't do justice to the quality and profession of this great Lady Freeman. I'm sitting under the natural stars of earth. I can only say Lou's gift of work out shines and stars in the eyes of people who are in awe of her great ability to capture the true gift of those whom she has the professional privilege of working with. The life of a person's chapter can be treasured forever bye this wonderful Lady. That's all I'm saying. So cease the moment and make it happen. Reserve her time and you never retreat the creation she will capture for you. 

Noel Brendan Doyle

I have followed the artistry of Lou Freeman for some time now. Initially, I saw and admired her work from afar. I first met Lou on her Look Fabulous Tour. I was so impressed I enrolled in her Creative Live online courses. One of the best learning investments I’ve ever made for my photographic growth and development was taking a private one on one lesson with her. Lou’s guidance was a Master Class in spectacular image making! After listening to my concept, she instructed me on how to evaluate the location, the wardrobe, and the model, so that I could craft my narrative to produce a beautiful and memorable image.   I gained a better understanding of controlling my light, mixing strobe and the surrounding ambient light so that it is not so obvious that the scene is “lit”. She provided me with insight on how to deliver clear and concise direction to bring out the best in my subjects.Her professional, easy going demeanor makes Lou wonderful to work with. She helped me elevate my work to the next level. 

Phillip Short


LOU FREEMAN IS SIMPLY EXTRAORDINARY!! When you want the BEST OF THE BEST in TOP NOTCH PHOTOGRAPHY that will INSPIRE YOU and CHANGE  your LIFE,  RENOWNED TOP Photographer LOU FREEMAN'S vision, talent, professionalism, and expertise is above and beyond anything you could ever Dream of 🌈. LOU'S resume and Star-studded Celebrity ⭐️ Clientele list is endless ranging from shooting High Fashion Top Models, Editorials for Iconic Magazines, as well as TV Film & Commercial Headshots for numerous successful Actors. I'm truly Blessed to know LOU and it's been a Joy and a pleasure to shoot with LOU  on many occasions over the years receiving some of the BEST photos of my LIFE!! Moreover, the overall EXPERIENCE of shooting photos with LOU FREEMAN is priceless😉 

Carla Fisher


Lou is a fantastic photographer and uses a variety of great techniques to bring out the best in you, in turn capturing the best images of you! I have been extremely pleased with her work.

Richard Superczynski


I had an Extraordinary experience working with LOU Freeman on my three projects.  As an Executive,  Businesswoman,  and a NFL Mom, I know what it takes to be the BEST in the business and LOU is just that.  My pics were absolutely beautiful and so is her  spirit. No one can match her experience!!.

LaSonjia Jack


Lou is the without a doubt the Best of the Best. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and is readily available and attentive to your needs or project at hand. She has inspired me as an artist and a professional. She truly cares and puts her best into everything she does. Highly Recommended!

Kim Padul


Lou is an amazing, professional and confident photographer with whom I got to experience working with in my twenties which were my favorite photos. Now, I’m in the mature talent market and so excited that she has captured my personality again and has done a fantastic job figuring out what I needed for my comp card. I would recommend her to anyone who needs pictures in the talent industry or for whatever you need, she will work diligently to get the best photos of you!!! 

Sondra Wilson


Outstanding photography done by Lou Freeman. She recently photographed a listing of mine and the results were phenomenal. My sellers and I are expecting an offer any day now due to her creative and stylish professionalism. 

Shelley Draper


Outstanding photography done by Lou Freeman. She recently photographed a listing of mine and the results were phenomenal. My sellers and I are expecting an offer any day now due to her creative and stylish professionalism.

Lou Freeman is going to go down in the history books as being the best in the business! Her work is flawless and exquisite. She knows exactly what she is doing. She has worked with both my daughters over the last 8+ years.  We recommend Lou to everyone!! She is extremely talented in her craft. My youngest daughter just had her portfolio done and signed today… Within two weeks of having the portfolio done… With a wonderful modeling agency in Atlanta. Thank you so very much Lou!! 

Sandy Hoge


Incredible photographer! I could not be more pleased with the photos she produced. She is incredibly talented and seems to have an endless flow of amazing ideas! The beauty she captures is priceless.

Benton Wood


What sets Lou Freeman Photography apart from other photographers, besides her stunning images, is the ease and comfort you receive while working with her. Being in front of the camera can be difficult, but Lou takes the time to put her clients at ease and coach in a professional way to achieve the best possible image. Her work speaks for itself. I highly recommend Lou Freeman Photography for anyone seeking high quality one of a kind photographs and art!

Natalie Kissel


Lou is my number one choice for photos of myself and my clients. I recommend her on a weekly basis it seems.She is by far the best I've seen! 

Meredith Pope


In my photography journey, I have tried many photography educational platforms, but none felt as comprehensive as Lou Freeman Portrait and Lighting Workshop.   So She is incredible as a photographer, and also a person @loufreemanphoto has been one of my modern day favorite photographic SHEROES!

I had the pleasure to attend her Spring 2019 weekend workshop at her studio, nestled in the mountains of Blue Ridge GA.. The personalized industry mentorship I received from her was invaluable, something that  I cannot place into words. But one thing I can say, it has truly transformed my photography! Thank you Lou! who is one of the most beautiful Ageless Goddesses in the industry📸💃🏼💄👠👡🎩💍

Her next workshop  is scheduled for Fall of 2019 it is must attend!  check her website for details.

Wanda R


A very professional photographer with a  really cool studio with lots of artwork and custom made signs! 

Elmorris Still

Creative, talented professional photographer with immense experience.  Lou took my daughter's Senior pics in a fairytale theme.  One word: phenomenal.  

Kristal Ayers


I have known and worked with Lou for over 20 years. There is no other photographer in this market that can get it done like Lou can. Lou is a great creative mind and an amazing teacher. Her  professionalism is most appreciated by myself and everyone who has worked with us.

Lisa Moccia Blair


Should you ever wake up with an uncontrollable urge to leave a Photography Legacy.....Give Lou Freeman a call..she does Fabulous Work!!!   

Chief Mike Murro


Want the best pictures ever!! Call Lou

AMAZING I have never seen  someone with such and eye for that perfect incredible picture. 

You won't be let down. 

Wayne Tisdale


Wonderful experience with photo session. Very professional and excellent work!

 Ann Merrit


The great thing about working with Lou Freeman is how she makes the experience easy going, fun and laid back. The biggest problem I have with Lou Freeman is that she takes so MANY great shots, I have a very hard time picking one for my headshot! 

Kathy Payne