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Branded Business Session & Model Sessions 

Fee: $850.00

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Session Add Ons:

  • Additional Look or change:
    • $150.000 
  • Add simple retouching per image            
    • $45.00
  • Add complex retouching per image        
    • $95.00
  • Add Drop out or transparent background for publications     
    • $95.00
  • Buy a Set of all images un retouched            
    • $495.00    

Any Sale Sessions offered do no include discounts on retouching and buy out.

About the Session:

Welcome to Lou Freeman's Branded Business and or Model Photo Session. The Session includes  a nice mix of Photography with 3 full looks/changes plus at least one headshot or a beauty within. The session is best created with a nice mix of looks in studio and or locations. Lou is a consonant perfectionist and a great director. She will plan and talk your through every set of posing on set to reach the goals of the mood planed. No one will ever know that you may be new to the camera and you should come across looking at your best and with the best expressions Lou can get from you.

She will photograph a large number of images followed by carefully narrowing down the choices to the top #1 images in each area which is about 15 or so. Agents do not like to be over whelmed. When complete you will be presented with a live link to share with your colleagues, agents, peers and family. The session comes with 8 retouched final images choices but you may buy more retouching as well as prints, books and a copy of all un retouched images. Shoot lasts about 3-4 hours. 

As you can expect clothing styling, hair and make-up styling and location planning are everything with your shoot. Please contact Lou following the online Session Booking so she can give you the exact type of clothes as well as  list out what to bring to your session.  Everything must be carefully planned and prepared so that you look your every best. It is suggested that new clothes and carefully prepared clothes for fit and style always look best. When this is spot on you will show significant style with you personally. No matter how simple or elegant the session needs, it is the planning that will be key in how you come across in pictures. Model Photo sessions are to be clean elegant and very simple. Lou Can further describe the needs by phone.

What to plan for in addition to the shoot: Make-up, hair and clothings stylists fee are not included in Lou's fees. Please please book a hair and make up artist for the session: See the artist List here  Our list has the very best artists that will make you look your best.These artist also understand the type and style of make up needed for these sessions. If you are a model and choose to try to book someone who is not on the list or does not have a model style portfolio you run the risk of the agents not approving your session. Also make sure you let us know if your agent has asked for certain looks of types of photos we need to know about so we can deliver for you.

  • Women come with clean hair, blown dry and no Make-up. The artist will style you according to your look needs.
  • Men are the exception for the make-up artist booking. PLEASE come with your hair cut and clean.
  • Men may go to Dillard to the Mac  make up counter and bring Mac Blotting powder to match skin tone. Bring all of it to the shoot.
  • Also, bring shaving kit, hair care products, brush and comb and chap stick to the session.

For clothing, plan 3 completely unique looks with 3-4 variations on each look. Prepare cloths perfectly and bring to set. Don't forget your accessories, shoes, socks and plenty of options and variations.

  • Models always should have an elegant black swim suite and follow the casual life style approach to modeling photography.
  • Lou will further guidance while she explains in your planning meeting and provide photos to match up to.